About The Company


A pioneer group in developing green and sustainable agricultural value chains.


Providing the world of natural agricultural products, safety and bring beautiful life for everyone.



We must abide by discipline, compliance processes, correction cycle from the smallest to the biggest one perfectly, ensuring consistency and efficiency in order to bring satisfaction to employees, customers, shareholders and everyone.


We commit to do our best to be successful, committed to always stick with Vision, Mission and Values of Nafoods, with the team and customers of Nafoods.


We work 100% our capacity to accomplish excellence the tasks, bring the best results to departments and companies, also use the time and tools in the best way to achieve the goals.


We are full of faith, full of affection, commitment to integrity and responsibility. We always faithful to the vision, mission, core value of Nafoods Group, with the current and future staffs of Nafoods, with customers, shareholders and farmers.


We are committed to providing products that meet the highest quality standards, always actively researching and offering product improvements to our customers, and jointly developing new value-added products for customers. We take the highest responsibility for the quality of our products within the agreed time frame.


We always strive to develop the Company in green and sustainable agricultural value chains from seedling, raw material areas, processing and distribution. That brings a happy life, balance and added value to shareholders, laborers and farmers.

Learning, Sharing

We create effective learning culture by sharing knowledge internally. With a willingness to share and be willing to learn, both the givers and receivers have improved their soft skills and expertise. We recognize that, with enthusiasm, the spirit is willing to share knowledge, experience and inspire others, everyone has the opportunity to become an internal trainer. And just be ready to learn, to listen, the internal work environment is the best learning environment for anyone.


We always think creatively and continuously to learn and find new ideas, new products, the best solution to achieve the best effect for business.


We work with passion for sustainable green value chain of Nafoods; Desire to assert themselves and contribute to build Nafoods sustainable and development.