Our Goal of

As a farmer and producer, Nafoods is always aware that any cultivation and business activity may have an impact on the environment. Therefore, we have always attempted to finding solutions order to help minimize negative impacts on the environment and find the efficient way in using both natural and energy resources. These sought-after solutions aim at the efficiency of utilizing the input (material, energy and water resources) while controlling the output in order to decrease negative impacts on the environment.

1. Using energy efficiently

Being aware that energy efficiency has been one of the biggest concerns in recent years and may also be in the future, We have been in the process of achieving its goals of energy efficiency by applying various measures, including:
• Improving management quality.
• Increasing the use of clean and renewable energy resources.
• Using energy saving equipment for lighting.

2. Using water efficiently and economically

Water is an important natural resource in all Nafoods’s production processes. Identifying the importance of water to human life, especially in the context that groundwater has been depleted and polluted, Nafoods commits to effective and economical use of water by applying economical and recycling solutions.

3. Emission control and treatment

With its goals of minimizing negative impacts on the environment, Nafoods has approached the emission issues since the first stage of construction planning procedures. As a result, during its operation process, Nafoods has always strived to strictly manage these issues. We are proud that Nafoods has been operating the management mechanism of waste and emission treatment to ensure the safety of the environment by applying advanced standards to allactivities of Nafoods and to continuously improve in the future.